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Chrysalis cam


The chrysalis cam was a temporary camera focused on two painted lady pupae. They were raised as caterpillars by the children at the school where I work and pupated around about May 14th 2014. I transferred them from their contained environment and attached them to a potted plant and placed them in a corner of my garage. I added some lights and set the camera to record in time-lapse mode. They  emerged on May 30th and 31st respectively. I released them from the garage within a few hours and placed them in the garden in warm sunlight. Here are some of the videos and photos I managed to capture .

May18th....4 days into pupation.

This video shows a slug crawling over the first pupa I placed on the plant. In real time it took 7 minutes, here it  takes about 10 seconds! At this point I decided that the chrysalis was not exactly predator safe, and I added a second pupa soon after this!

May31st....17 days into pupation.

At 11.07 the first chrysalis begins to move......... 20 minutes later, a beautiful Painted Lady butterfly is sitting fully emerged, drying its wings. The time lapse video above reduces this process to just 39 seconds!

and just a few hours later........

the second chrysalis begins to move, this one however, doesn't give the good pictures it's predecessor gave us! Once emerged it decides to disappear to the other side of the plant!

Here is the set up.....not exactly the BBC......... but I am pleased with the results!

and this beauty is Painted Lady No1 ........

basking outside on a potentilla flower, warming it's wings before it sets off on it's adventures!