Beds Garden Wildlife

Nesting 2015

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January 1st 2015.......19 minutes past midnight, New Year's Day, and the blue tit roosting in box 3 is disturbed by the fireworks. Twenty minutes later it settles down again to recharge before the winter's day ahead.

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March 10th/11th 2015....... Prospective tenants? - Robin in box 7, Backbird in box 2, blue tit in box 1. Early days, but spring is on it's way :)

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March 14th/15th 2015....... The breeding season begins! The blackbirds have began building their nest in box 2!

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March 20th 2015....... The blackbird has laid it's first egg!

March 20th 2015....... A robin is building a nest in box 7.

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March 21st  2015....... In the space of two minutes, magpies took the two blackbird eggs

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March 25/26th  2015....... the robin has been making use of the redundant blackbird nest by taking mateial from it! However, yesterday, the blackbird returned.........

March 24th 2015.......the robin continues to build in box 7. Now with a new camera angle!


March 29th 2015.......the blackbird has began laying again in box 2.


April 1st 2015......four eggs in the blackbird nest so far


April 2nd 2015......a wren brings nesting material into box 5

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April 4th 2015......the robin feeds his mate as she incubates her eggs

April 4th 2015......the wren nest building in box 5

April 4th 2015......the blackbird is incubating four eggs


April 7th 2015......this is the last picture at 9.38am on April 6th of the blackbird incubating her four eggs. Apparently healthy, predation or accident must be the cause of her loss. She has not been observed in the garden since. Sadly, the eggs will have perished.

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April 16th 2015......the robin eggs have hatched! Mum removes an egg shell at 706am. We'll have to wait several days till the chicks get bigger to see how many there are.

April 16th 2015......meanwhile, the magpie rips apart the discarded blackbird nest


April 21st 2015......three gapes visible in the robin's nest!

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April 27th 2015......the robin chicks are 11days and it looks like there are two healthy chicks in the nest

April 27th 2015......the wrens have been nest building for over 20 days! Yesterday and today, there has only been one early morning visit to the nest by one of the birds. Has she started laying?

April 27th 2015......tfor the first time in six years no tits have chosen to use my nest boxes. However, a starling has shown regular interest in box1. This was originally designed as a starling box with a 45mm hole, however in 2009 Great tits used it and I reduced the hole size. I have now removed thehole plate and we'll see if the starlings use it in the future.

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April 30th 2015......At 18.40hrs the first robin fledges, the second robin leaves the nest 7 minutes later. They will spend some time in the bushes until they are fully able to fly. Dad will tend to their needs while mum considers a second brood!


May 3rd 2015......for the last couple of days the starling has entered box 1 and made 'nesting' movements


June 2nd a male house sparrow has been regularly visiting box 1!