Beds Garden Wildlife

Nesting 2016

January 1st 2016......At midnight the firework celebrations disturb the sleep of the two roosting blue tits. In the morning, a starling pays a first visit to the starling nest box.

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January 23rd 2016......five nest boxes checked out today! From top left, a pair of blue tits, a blackbird, a wren, a starling, and another pair of blue tits.

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March 11th 2016......both the blue tit in box 4 and the blackbird in box2 begin to bring in nesting material

edit : the blackbird abandoned nest building two days later.


March 22nd 2016......the blue tit nest progresses nicely.


April 8th 2016.....the blue tit nest is taking shape


April 20th 2016.....Mrs blue tit lays her first egg!

Cam3.20160502_160023_1 Cam3.20160511_080000_1

May 1st 2016.....8th and final egg laid. incubation begins!

May 11th 2016.....Day 10 of incubation, Mrs blue tit has an attentive partner!


May 15th 2016.....the first egg shell is removed! The chicks are hatching!

Cam3.20160519_160143_1 Cam3.20160524_080124_1 Cam3.20160527_080030_1

May 19th 2016.....six open gapes show 6 out of 8 eggs hatched. They are 4 days old

May 24th 2016.....six hungry chicks at 9 days old

May 27th 2016.....and then there were five. They are 12 days old

Cam3.20160530_000000_1 Cam3.20160529_160000_1

May 29th 21:14 four seemingly healthy blue tit chicks........................

May 30th 05:30 mum leaves the nest after a night of vigorous nest cleaning and sadly only two are left alive. Perhaps an inexperienced mum?


June 5th 2016.....after a final word of encouragement from mum and dad, the blue tit chicks fledge at 08:11 and 09:14 respectively.