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Nesting 2017

January 28th 2017......Already there is interest in the nest boxes - 2 blue tits view sepearte boxes while both a starling and a house sparrow show interest in the same box!

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February 6th 2017......the house sparrow definitely interested in taking up residence in the starling box - some early nesting material is being brought in. I wonder what the starlings will think about that!

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April 17th 2017......the starlings seem to have conceded and the house sparrows begin nest building.

April 18th 2017......rapid nest building by the sparrows!

April 23rd 2017......the house sparrow nest gets bigger and bigger!


April 23rd 2017......Now that the house sparrow chicks are getting larger, you can just see three gapes in this shot. Maybe there are more tucked further down?

Three sparrows fledged the nest and the female immediately began getting ready for her second brood.


July 1st 2017......second brood, three sparrow chicks look ready to fledge any day!