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Wild Flower Meadow

The wildflower meadow is now in its fourth season. It forms a small corner around the bird table in the lawn. Indeed it was because of the falling seed from the bird table germinating, that I decided to make it 'wild'.

At first I just let it go, that is, I didn't mow it the result was simply long vigorous grass! So, in 2009, I decided to do the job properly! I kept the area mown all the growing season, cutting it very short and removing the cuttings. At the same time a sowed a variety of wildflower seeds in cells in a cold frame. In the autumn I roughed up the grass to expose soil within the grass, and then I broadcast the seeds of yellow rattle over the grass and trod it in. Yellow rattle is a semi parasitic plant. It feeds of the roots of grasses. This, over a number of seasons, reduces grass vigour thus allowing wild flowers to be come more easily established. Yellow rattle is a very attractive plant in its own right, producing  lots of yellow flowers in May and June before it sets seed. I also planted out some of the wildflower cells, whilst others were left to the following spring. In addition to this initial planting, I have also added small wild plants bought in pots from garden centres to bulk it up. For the last couple of seasons I've left it to itself and, apart from a single mow in a dry spell September/October it looks after itself. I'm pleased with the on the video below to take a stroll through it!

Wild Flower Meadow Species List





Snake's head fritillary

Dog violet



Ox eye daisy

Red campion

White campion

Bladder campion

Self heal

Fox and cubs

Lesser bird's foot trefoil

Greater knapweed


Red clover

White clover

Yellow rattle

Smooth hawks beard

Blue flax

Meadow buttercup

Corn cockle

Lady's bedstraw

Creeping buttercup

Black medic

Kidney vetch


Red dead nettle

Wild Flower Meadow